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concept: lost souls

For the last few months I’ve been writing out and working on the details of a game I’ve been calling Lost Souls. The idea behind the story is that you’re trapped in purgatory and you don’t know how you got there. There are a few different levels of purgatory that you fight thru, similar to Dante’s Inferno.

All of the concept art and pixel art is being done by the wonderful Jackon LeTourneau, you can find him on twitter: whythecussnot

The main focus of the game is to have a challenging but rewarding combat system. It’s not going to be complex in control or combinations, but require some strategy and forethought instead of just running in expecting to kill everything in one fell swoop.

I’ll try to expand on this a little bit further once I have a playable demo ready, but I don’t plan on spoiling the plot.

For now if you’re interested in recent updates, you’ll probably want to check out the discord, or message me directly on it. You can also watch me stream some of the programming behind the game (the engine’s development) on twitch.

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