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I’ve opened up a bit of my project work for everyone to enjoy. You can find the repository here. It’s licensed under the GNU GPLv3.0. Feel free to test it, use it, and ask about how some of the stuff is written. I’ll be working on it relatively intensive for awhile here soon. This is the game engine I’ve been developing for my 2D Games. I’ll be writing some small example games, and posting them for people to enjoy.

The goal is to have a core game engine that works very well, is very portable, and is expandable. With that being said I’ll be expanding on the goals after the core parts are done. I’ve got a good bit more waiting in the wings than are in the repository at the time of writing, it’s just a process of revising it to fit a cohesive API.

What the engine will be:

  • Small
  • Portable
  • Fast
  • Easy to learn from

What the engine won’t be:

  • A reinvention of the wheel
  • A full stack game engine for commercial development
  • UI / Scripting based engine
  • Over hyped

I don’t plan on writing too terribly much about the project. I’ll be sort of just doing it and streaming bits and pieces. It’s not going to be something revolutionary by any measure. Tho I do plan on making it a valuable resource for others to learn from. After the functionality is place I will be documenting all of the engine and possibly releasing a small 30-45 page write-up on how the game engine works and it’s concepts.

If you’d like to join the discussion on the development of the engine you can join the discord. Feel free to ask questions about even just programming, game engines, and C.

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