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Ludum Dare 38 – Preparation

As of writing this, it’s 11:30 PM the night before Ludum Dare 38 starts. I’ve dumped all of my week into scraping together a 2D Game Engine. If you’re interested in that code, you can check it out here. I’ll be doing a thorough code review, before & after post on what I should have done differently for the competition.

Otherwise, Good News! I have something playable! It’s the demo of the Ludum Dare engine! You can check out the release here. Note: None of the asset materials used in the example will be used in the Ludum Dare Entry! I’ll be making entirely new assets for that.

I’ve been live streaming a good bit and have done 15 commits to the game engine’s repository in the past few days. (Some small, some rather large). However I have most of the things you might want in a 2D Engine running.

I have Physics (Box2D), Audio, Rendering, UI, and Collision Scripting (kinda)! There are more things, so feel free to check them out.

I’ll be live streaming most of my development for Ludum Dare over on Twitch! I’ll have a separate branch for the actual competition in the github as well. So progression of the proper game will be easily tracked!

Exciting times!!


Programmer and Game Developer. Solo Developer on Beyond the Void.