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new years goals

The idea of waiting til the end of the year to set goals seems silly to me. These are things that I’ve been doing regardless, tho I figured it’d probably be a nice look into what I’ve been up to lately for those curious.

  • finish reading all of my books (7 / 10)
  • finish remaining console games (6 / 8)
  • practice drawing
  • practice making music
  • practice animating & general pixel art
  • work out
  • eat healthier (no fast food, no candy)
  • less social media (YouTube/Netflix)
  • make more things, code, whatever

Just to be clear on some of the goals, I generally don’t eat fast food as is, but I just mean a diet or food plan more tailored to my body. Instead of whatever is nearest. I don’t really eat in excess, just having an idea of what I’m going to eat is going to be a big game changer for my work outs.

If you guys are interested in what I’ve been reading / playing feel free to ask in the discord. If enough interest is garnered then I’ll just make a post on it so you guys don’t have to wait on me to reply!

I’ll be updating this post throughout the year as I complete things, there will be a postmortem section once the time comes.

Happy new years my friends.

PS: Yes I’m still continuing development on the project game, these side goals / tasks are all part of it!


Programmer and Quiet Person.