astera 0.01

Hey there, I see you’ve found this post about my dinky little game engine / library thing!
If you’re interested in that kind of thing, please check it out and let me know what you think! (Discord or Twitter are good ways of yelling in my general direction)

Here’s a brief overview of what astera supports / does:

  • Rendering
    • Batched 2D Rendering
    • Baked Sheet (Tiled or Bounded boxes)
    • Post Processing Effects
    • Custom Particle Simulation
  • Vector Graphics based User Interface
    • Supports programmatic input (aka controllers, mouse, keyboard, etc)
  • Audio
    • 3D Audio
    • Quick Sound Effect playback (OGG Vorbis & WAV)
    • Song / Stream playback (OGG Vorbis (WAV soon))
  • Assets
    • ZIP & PAK File Management
    • General asset management
  • An input system that works
  • Really bad INI File writing & loading

FAQ About the engine

Why C99?
Well, honestly, it’s relatively widely supported, works on microcontrollers. (As if that means anything for the games I’m looking to make). And, it just so happens to makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I think about not having to write C89.

Why make this?
I’m stupid enough to make my own game engines for the games I work on, (not that I haven’t used premade game engines before) so I figured I might as well open source this one for people to learn from.

Will you support the engine?
Yes and no. I’ll continue to try and improve and add rational/logical features. Tho, I’m at a point in my life where I’m more interested in making games than game engines. So I’ll do work here and there, and definitely welcome contributions. I can’t make any promises, but just know that I aim to write code that is generally maintainable, not just for myself.

Keep in mind this engine is something that I look to keep running throughout all the 2D Games I make, so as long as I’m making games I’ll probably be pushing out updates / bugfixes.

What’s the License?
MIT, basically, I didn’t want to think about it too much. It was formerly The Unlicense, but I figured MIT sounds nice and doesn’t really cause too much fuss.

Can I use this to make my own games?
Definitely, good luck tho.

Can I help contribute to the project?
I’d really enjoy that! There is a contribution guideline in the repository!

Will you add an editor / level manager?
Probably not. Generalizing a level manager is more effort to support than I care to. Astera is meant to be that sweet sweet grey area between engine and library.

Will you add scripting?

Why won’t you add scripting?
Don’t feel like it, honestly.

Can I add scripting?
If you want, if it works I’ll add it as a listed extension.

What do you think of Rust?