Game Jam

Hey, Since I didn’t take part in Ludum Dare 46 (I really didn’t enjoy the theme) I figure I still should do a jam of some sort. Now there’s plenty I could simply take part in and probably do decently well in. But I’m a bit old fashioned and don’t want to use Unity or Game Maker.

I’ve starting pulling a few things together and figured I could host my own game jam. I’m not going to make any special website or crazy reward system. I don’t have anything really to offer but my attention and a challenge. It’s a specific challenge at that. As astera approaches viability in these sorts of things, I want to make it the challenge. I’m interested in what people can make with it in the time alloted. I’m fully expecting this to be just me creating with it initially for these jams, but anyone willing to try and wrangle my spaghetti code for a game jam has my respect. It’ll also be an adequate trial by fire of sorts for the library itself and help push forward improvements for real world usage.

If you’re interested in the specifics on the jam here are some:

  • It’ll run from May 8th 12:00 PM until May 11th 12:00 PM (PST)
  • It’s non-ranked, so it’ll be casual
  • All entries are open source
  • All entries must use astera
  • You can work with others (since it’s not ranked)
  • You can’t start with premade game assets of any kind

I’ll be taking this relatively easy, just for sanity’s sake, as well as live streaming the majority of my work on it. Leading up to then I’ll do a few streams of me working on astera to push out those last few features really needed.

Anyways, if you’re interested in the jam, JOIN!!