handmade seattle

Apr 2, 2022

HMS 21 Tech Room

This last year I had the pleasure with helping put on Handmade Seattle 2021. In 2020 I helped a bit as well with video editing for a few small spots to fill in the blanks. While my role in both of these was relatively minor, it gave me a bigger appreciation for the work that goes into putting on this conference. I did document it the first year it happened, but I really didn’t know Abner well. In the last few years Abner has grown to be a close friend and it has been a great privilege to watch him grow into the role that Handmade Seattle has demanded of him.

Abner Speaking

Today, Abner announced that he is going full time conference host. Taking a break from making games to conference host. Personally I think there is a great void that Handmade Seattle is trying to fill. A space where programmers of all type can learn how to make better software and share knowledge that otherwise would have only been passed down in physical workspaces. I can’t stress enough how important I think the space of Handmade Seattle is and can grow to be. If you haven’t already checked out Handmade Seattle, I highly encourage you to! I myself am going to continue supporting the conference in whatever ways make sense!