life changes

I’m gonna go ahead and preface this with I’m not looking for pity or any hand outs.

A few days ago I had a pretty negative life event happen. I’m still breathing and as healthy as I really can be. But my living situation & safety net got pulled out from under me. As a result, I’m lowering the time I allocate for my personal projects in order to look for work / contracts in the meantime to try and build up a safety net. And to be frank, avoid becoming homeless.

With all that being said if you have any projects you’d like done, or know anyone who does, drop me an email or message me on twitter! You can find some of my active projects on my GitHub as well as more info about my skill set on my FAQ. I’m open to all potential projects at the moment.

I’d prefer to be useful and earn my money.

During the meantime I’ll also be making a small game (and documenting it) to help try and raise funds as well. I’ll write more about that when I’m a few days into it. I’ll also be live streaming more as well to show that I’m not dead.

I look forward to conquering this next chapter in my life. I hope everyone else is safe out there during this pandemic.