lost souls: about

I figured enough has changed with Lost Souls over the last 8 months that I should probably write a little update post so people don’t have to wait for me to live stream to ask about it.

What is Lost Souls?

Lost Souls is a Top Down (think original Zelda) 2D Action RPG. The goal is to make a game that’s fun to play but hard to master. It doesn’t include many frills, focuses mostly on the combat and pacing.

The story is loosely based on The Inferno by Dante Alighieri. Basically you’re tasked with fighting your way thru the different rings (levels) of hell with constantly changing challenges. I know, not much notable here, but I prefer to under promise and over deliver.

What will it release on?

Currently I’m targeting PC / Desktop platforms since they’re the easiest to deploy to. It’ll be completely cross platform with Windows, Linux, and BSD Support. Mac OSX Support might be viable depending on how things play out.

Tho, I would like to target the Nintendo Switch in the near future. Possibly Android / iOS in the distant future.

What platforms will it be on?

Currently I’m aiming for Steam and itch.io. Possibly Epic, depending on how things play out. If there is a platform you would like to see it on, by all means let me know.

Where can I follow development?

Currently I’m most active in the Discord. You can also follow the game’s twitter or my personal twitter. I also live stream, but not the game’s development.

What languages will it be translated to?

I’d like it to be translated to A LOT of languages, I don’t want it to be an English only game. I have a few friends helping with some languages. But I’m always looking for volunteers to help. There isn’t much dialog in general, so I don’t imagine it’d be an overwhelming translation. If you’re interested in helping, tweet at me.

Currently I have connections to translate to: English, German, and Spanish

What are the goal minimum specs to run the game?

It’s hard to have a hard target at this point as I’m still building the engine behind a lot of it as well. In the back of my head I have the goal of getting the game running well on old Windows XP Machines with the right GPUs.

If I were to throw out some arbitrary hardware specs an Intel Core 2 Duo w/ 512 MB Ram is roughly the goal. In terms of Operating System, I’m aiming for Windows XP+, and Linux is all dependent on the libc you have installed.

Where can I find the game engine?

You can find the game engine on GitHub here. It’s open source and the license is such that I encourage others to use it for their own projects. If you’re wanting to learn how game engines are made, by all means go check it out.

Will the game be open source?

Not immediately, I’ve always liked the idea of releasing the source code for others to learn from once it’s not being marketed actively. I think something like 5 years after release would be soon enough to be relevant. I’ll probably write more on it in the future.

If you have any other questions, feel free to tweet at me or ask in the discord!