Workflow Optimization

The last month or so has been a lot about workflow optimization for me. I’ve sort of made it an unscheduled tradition to go thru every few months and look at what fat I can trim out of my processes. The last month most of the “optimization” if you will, has been regarding my actual programming work and the things I’m working on. Currently I’m undergoing a pretty large refactor of Astera in order to make it a good bit more versatile. As well as the programming aspects it’s involved the not programming aspects. For example what I’m doing when I’m not actually programming, or what is preventing me from doing so. I’m pretty good considering, but I go thru phases of sort of over using things like Reddit and YouTube in hopes for “entertainment”. Note, I quote “entertainment” because it’s not one of those things that I’m actually excited about. It’s just that path of least resistence I think a lot of us often feel.

As a means of attempting to mitigate some of these excessive downtimes, I’ve installed an extension that just blocks me from going to certain websites Distract Me Not. I currently have Reddit, YouTube, Twitch, etc blocked. It prevents me from listening to music off of YouTube but it’s a net gain.

On the other end of less cutting the fat and more of actual creation I’ve been pushing myself to create more content. I’m currently working on a few videos, some long term, a few shorter term. For an idea of what I’m working on you can reference this poll I held in my discord. I’ve forced myself to work on things other than just programming most days to try and spice things up as well.

Anyways, I hope you’re doing well. I’ll write again soon with some more of what I’ve been doing.