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Q&A 005

What are you working on?

Currently I’m working on a 2D Story game. It’s a bit of a mix of things, so the easiest way to describe it is by it’s story. The idea is that you’re a lost soul trying to get freedom from purgatory. So in order to do so you have to fight thru the levels of hell and defeat the devil, or whatever his name might be by the end of it, to gain freedom. All enemies you fight will have permadeath. So between saves, whichever enemies you kill will have their souls freed. But it’s your own personal hell, so yours isn’t freed by dying. You just wake up at the last save point.

When is it going to be playable?

At this point I’m not sure. I’m currently stuck at work all week (literally) due to a fun snow storm which has brought almost 3 ft of snow in the last 3-4 days. Western Washington isn’t usually prepared for this kind of weather, so the nature of my job means I’m at work. This isn’t to say I’m stopping development any time soon. I had originally planned on March 1st. But since all of this and being conservative about the time it’ll take to get back into the swing of things afterwards, I’m aiming for a demo of sorts on March 20th or so.

Where can we find it?

I’ll be posting it here, my twitter, and live streaming, when it’s live for demo. I’ll also be posting here with screenshots prior and more detailed links.

Note: Anyone planning on testing this, I will be opening official testing boards / systems so I can track bugs and squash them relatively quickly. I am going to be allowing people to test prior to demo just to get a few things sorted. If you’re interested, you can message me on discord.

What do you have planned for it?

I have a good few things planned for the release of this. While the code it self isn’t going to be Open Source like most of my other projects I’ll be writing a lot of break down & analytical posts for this. It’s not limited to posts, so I guess stay tuned? I don’t plan on having complete radio silence. But I’m definitely not planning on spamming people with this.

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Programmer & Quiet Person.