Currently I’m offering a variety of different services, you can find my resume here:

  • Commissioned Work
  • Contracted Work
  • Consulting
  • Tutoring

Here are the different types of projects I’m open to working on!

If you don’t see something on here that you’d like to ask about, definitely email me and ask!

  • Game Development
  • Game Engine Development
  • Graphics / Rendering Development
  • Enterprise Software
  • General Software Development
  • Front End Web Development
  • Back End Web Development
  • Full Stack Web Development

Here are some of the programming languages I’m most comfortable with:

  • C/C++
  • Java
  • C# / .NET
  • Python 3
  • HTML / CSS
  • JavaScript
  • BASH / Unix Shell

Here are some definitions of the services to be clear:

Commissioned Work

Commissioned work means projects with a clear estimate of work needed, done in a shorter / fixed period of time. i.e 8-9 hours working time to complete, shorter term projects.

Contracted Work

Contracted Work is generally for longer form jobs. Something where I’m working closer to full time on a project over a period of weeks, months, or years. i.e 20-30 hours a week for 6 months.


Assisting development, code review, documentation, optimization, things like this are generally for consulting. i.e Website Consulting would be looking at the back end or front end of a website and giving feedback, fixes, and things of the sort.


With tutoring I do long form mentorship as well as direct fixed period one on one traditional tutoring. You can read more about it here.

If you’re interested in my services, please reach out!