Programmer & Quiet Person

Q&A 001

Hey, so I’ve been getting a large amount of repeat questions. So I’ll be doing my best to provide some answers without having to repeat the answers too much!

How old are you?

I am 22.

Where are you from?

Seattle, WA. Born and raised!

Are you going to school for CS?

No I went 3 years for Astrophysics. I really enjoy Astrophysics.

What languages do you know?

In order of favorites: C, Python, Shell Scripting

I also know, but don’t really enjoy wiring in: Java, C++, C#, HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, PHP, SQL, BASIC

Why C over C++?

I feel the language is more restrictive in a beneficial way for me. A lot of the time it can be very punishing to mess up.