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void – a new project

I should really start this by acknowledging that I’m not a very publicly active content creator. I’m a bit of a hermit by nature, so I tend to work on things quietly. I’ve written this post about a dozen times already and this is what I ended up with.

void is a 2d adventure game. A lot of the details are still up in the air as to what exactly the game is looking to accomplish, but the underlying things are there. I’m going to get a basic 2d game engine running and then settle on a story/game idea. The whole thing about this is that it’s open source. You can write pull requests, learn from it, interact with it just like any other working git repository. You can find it on gitlab right now, live, and in somewhat running state. The goal of the engine is to run efficiently on most platforms. The requirements I’m putting it to are Window, OSX, and Linux (as it’s developed on linux). Then I would like to add possibly Nintendo Switch support if I can get my hands on the abilities to.

As of right now I’m writing the base engine to run well on desktop operating systems, however when I eventually expand I’ll be playing with newer technologies than OpenGL in terms of rendering. (Vulkan, hint hint) 

If you’d like to contribute, documentation is still lagging behind the priority of getting the project done. You’re more than welcome to work on some of the code, however do note that I’m not the best programmer there has ever been. All of the repository is written with C11 standard in mind, granted it’s not terribly different from C99. I’m also open to ideas as to how/what to implement.

I’ll try to write again here soon as things develop. But you’re always welcome to shoot me a message on twitter.


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