How old are you?


Where are you from?

Seattle, WA

Are you going to school for Computer Science?

I went for astrophysics.

Whats your day job?

I’m currently looking for a full time position or paid projects. Outside of that I do game development full time and stream.

What languages do you know?

In order of expertise / comfort:
C, Unix/Bash Shell, Python, Java, C#, HTML/CSS, JS, PHP, MSSQL, MySQL, BASIC, Powershell.

What OS do you use?

Void Linux (XFCE)

What’s your computer build?

Ryzen 7 1700, 16GB DDR4, Rx 590 8GB, 512GB M.2 NVMe SSD

What keyboard do you use?

KUL ES 87 Cherry MX Blue Switches, GMK Demonic Keycap set

What languages do you use for game development?

C(99), Cmake, and Unix Shell

Why C?

C forces me to look at each individual part of what I’m working on, as well as stick to a standard that is relatively portable. I use C99 for compatibility purposes. Plus I really enjoy the language.

How did you learn to write code?

I’m self taught, mostly thru books and online examples.

Find something small you want to make, and make it. Use a search engine, read examples, and read books on it. (See recommendations below)

What do you think of Rust?

I haven’t tried it, so I don’t have a formed opinion.

How long have you been programming?

I started tinkering very young, but I’d say effectively 12-13 years now.

Why are you building a game engine for your game?

Simply put, I get to have greater control and I think that the process is more interesting.

What editor do you use?

vim, fzf, and clang-format are the only plugins I use. You can find my configurations here.

What C Programming books do you recommend?

From my experience I used these books. You can find them throughout the internet or in person.

The C Programming Language – By Brian W. Kernighan & Dennis M. Ritchie

This book is one of the most prevalent books for programming. It’s easy to come across in local libraries and or college campus libraries. You can also buy the book online new or used for low cost.

Expert C Programming: Deep C Secrets – By Peter Van Der Linden

First off, this book has an awesome fish on the front of it, so that’s a bonus. This book offers some in depth and quality insights into proper usage of the language. It strengthened my understanding of API design and theory. For anyone planning on using C heavily or in a very stability important environment, this is a must read.

What books do you recommend for Game Engine Development?

Unfortunately there aren’t a large scale of books that go over game engines in complete. Game Engines are fairly large projects in themselves, which contain many components which are full size projects. All of these different components have to work together in unison, which adds another level of difficulty without the proper knowledge.

Game Engine Architecture, Second Edition – Jason Gregory

Game Engine Architecture is one of the few books out there which actually attempts to tackle the subject in whole. While it doesn’t go into complete depth on every subject, it provides a solid reference for people to enter game engine development. The book also provides a good place to figure out what questions you should be asking when constructing your own game engine.