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Ludum Dare 38 – Preparation

As of writing this, it’s 11:30 PM the night before Ludum Dare 38 starts. I’ve dumped all of my week into scraping together a 2D Game Engine. If you’re interested in that code, you can check it out here. I’ll be doing a thorough code review, before & after post on what I should have done differently for the competition. Continue

Beyond the Void – A Brief History

Note: The name of this game has changed to void. The name ‘Beyond the Void’ has been taken on steam and I don’t want to cause too much confusion.

Beyond the Void is a dungeon crawler. It has randomly generated dungeons. You can play solo or online. In multiplayer you have 2 main options: You can crawl the dungeon with friends, or control the dungeon to stop them. Continue